Advances in Mathematical Education

Series Editors: Kaiser, Gabriele, Sriraman, Bharath

"Advances in Mathematics Education" is a brand new forward looking monograph series which continues the tradition of the international journal "ZDM - The International Journal on Mathematics Education" of producing themed issues with invited guest editors and peer-review process. The new monograph series aims to integrate, synthesize and extend papers from already published themed issues of relevance today, by orientating issues of relevance towards the future state of the art. The planned monographs will enrich the ZDM issues with newly invited chapters and commentaries from renowned international experts in which ideas are pushed to new frontiers. Submissions undergo two rounds of critical peer review, externally from experts in the field and internally from the international editorial board. Although the monograph series aims mainly to produce monographs based on important ZDM issues from the past, the series is open to proposals from the community on other topics of interest to the field.



International Perspectives on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling

Series Editors: Kaiser, Gabriele, Stillman, Gloria

This book series will publish various books from different theoretical perspectives around the world focusing on Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling at Secondary and Tertiary level. The proceedings of the biennial conference called ICTMA, organised by the ICMI affiliated Study Group ICTMA (International Community of Teachers of Mathematical Modelling and Applications) will also be published in this series. These proceedings display the worldwide state-of-the-art in this field and will be of interest for a wider audience than the conference participants.

ICTMA is a worldwide unique group, in which not only mathematics educators aiming for education at school level are included but also applied mathematicians interested in teaching and learning modelling at tertiary level are represented. ICTMA discusses all aspects related to Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling at Secondary and Tertiary Level, e.g. usage of technology in modelling, psychological aspects of modelling and its teaching, modelling competencies, modelling examples and courses, teacher education and teacher education courses.



Perspektiven der Mathematikdidaktik

Herausgegeben von Gabriele Kaiser, Rita Borromeo Ferri, Werner Blum

im Verlag Springer Spektrum



Realitätsbezüge im Mathematikunterricht

Herausgegeben von Werner Blum, Rita Borromeo Ferri, Gilbert Greefrath, Gabriele Kaiser, Katja Maaß


mit der Unterreihe : Neue Materialien für einen realitätsbezogenen Mathematikunterricht ( ISTRON-Schriftenreihe)