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Working group

Working Group Didactics of Mathematics


Ann-Kristin Adleff

Scientific staff

Doctorate to "Analysen zur Qualität von Mathematikaufgaben" in the frame of TEDS-Validate

+49 (0) 42838 - 2212


Alina Alwast

Scientific staff at teaching-lab „Lehrerprofessionalisierung (L3Prof)“

Doctorate to "Development and evaluation of innovative learning opportunities for the promotion of teacher competencies in mathematical modelling"

+49 (0) 42838 - 5322


Anton Bastian

Scientific staff in the BMBF-funded project TEDS-Validierung-Transfer

Fast track-Promotion to "Professionelle Unterrichtswahrnehmung von (zukünftigen) Mathematiklehrkräften"

+49 (0) 40 42838 - 4687


Enes Bayrakoglu

Doctorate to "Professional knowledge of Turkish in-service teachers – a transfer of the TEDS-M-study to Turkey"

Financed by Ministry of National Education, Republic of Turkey.

+49 (0) 40 42838 – 4687


Kirsten Benecke

Scientific staff at Projekt TEDS-Unterricht and TEDS-Validierung

Doctorate to "Validierung eines Instruments zur Unterrichtsbeobachtung im Rahmen von TEDS-Unterricht"

+49 (0) 40 42838 - 3750


Dr. Mustafa Çevikbaş

External grant for Post-doc-Project to "Future Mathematics Teacher’s Approach for Assessing Mathematical Modelling Activities"

+49 (0) 42838 - 2122


Maike Lüssenhop

Research associate in the project "Everyday mathematics as part of the basic education of adults" funded by the State Research Funding

PhD in the subproject "Everyday Mathematics and Fugitives: School Mathematical Background of Fugitives from Ghana, Iran and Syria (compared to Germany) and their Everyday Mathematical Practices - a Secondary Analysis of TIMSS and PISA Data".

+49 (0) 40 42838 - 8081


Natalie Ross

Research assistant in the BMBF-funded project TEDS Validation

Doctorate to „Classification of mathematical tasks to investigate mathematical-cognitive aspects of student achievement tests and the quality of teaching". In the Framework of TEDS validation

+49 (0) 42838 - 4687


Ann-Sophie Stuhlmann

PhD student, former employee in the project on the Mathematics Writing Workshop, funded by the university as part of the teaching laboratory "Lehrerprofessionalisierung (L3Prof)

Doctorate to "Processes of proof of mathematics teaching staff students in the introductory phase of studies".

+49 (0) 40 42838 - 2125


Dr. Katrin Vorhölter

Deputy Professorship for Didactics of Mathematics at the University of Hamburg

Stipendiary in the graduate school Educational Development (Bildungsgangforschung) of the University of Hamburg, funded by the German Research Society (DFG)

Habilitated with the Topic: "MeMo - Promotion of metacognitive modelling competences of pupils". 

+49 (0) 42838 - 2152



Akademic Staff of the ProfaLe-Project in the Working Group Didactics of Mathematics


Deike Alfke

Research assistant in the BMBF-funded project ProfaLe from the quality offensive in teacher education.

Doctorate to "Mathematical modelling with graded learning aids - a case study. A qualitative investigation on the use of graded learning aids in the mathematical modelling process".


Janne Freiwald

Research assistant in the BMBF-funded project ProfaLe from the Quality Offensive in Teacher Education.


Dr. Claudia Lazarevic

Research assistant in the BMBF-funded project ProfaLe from the Quality Offensive in Teacher Education.


Dennis Meyer

Doctoral student funded within the framework of state graduate funding, currently working on the BMBF-funded project ProfaLe from the Quality Initiative for Teacher Education

Doctorate to "Development and structure of professional competence of primary school teachers - detailed analyses within the framework of the teacher education studies TEDS-M and TEDS-Follow Up"

+49 (0) 42838 - 2212