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Research - TEDS-FU



Teacher Education and Development Study: Follow Up (TEDS-FU)


Project leaders:

  • Prof. Dr. Sigrid Blömeke (University of Oslo, formerly Humboldt-University of Berlin)
  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kaiser (University of Hamburg)
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes König (University of Cologne)
  • Prof. Dr. Martina Döhrmann (University of Vechta)


Project staff:

  • Dr. Andreas Busse (University of Hamburg)
  • Jessica Benthien (University of Vechta)
  • Patricia Klein (Humboldt-University of Berlin)


Project duration:      01.06.2010 - 31.12.2013


Funding:  KA 797/18-1




TEDS-Fu has been designed as follow-up study of  the international TEDS-M study (Blömeke/ Kaiser/Lehmann et al.) about the effectiveness of teacher education. Based on the the results of TEDS-M, TEDS-FU aims at the analysis of the further developments of the professional competences of (mathematics) teachers at the beginning of their professional life. For this, the level and the structure of competence are of interest, in order to identify change, especially regarding the growth of professionalization. Therefore, the central effort of this study is to develop tests by using video vignettes to monitor process-based measuring units for mapping grades of proceduralization of the state of knowledge. The study has a longitudinal design, and the sample of TEDS-FU includes teachers, who participated in 2008 in the TEDS-M study when they were doing their traineeship at school and already entitled to teach the subject mathematics.

Key research questions:

§  How stable or changeable is the structure of the professional competence of beginning (mathematics) teachers and the competence level reached compared to the professional competence measured at the end of teacher education by the TEDS-M study?

§  How can professional success methodically evaluated after three years of teaching experience? The present state of research demands the integration of video vignettes for analysing action-related, situated cognition.

§  How valid is a prognosis based on TEDS-M data with regard to professional success in teaching and what is the added value of standardized competence measurement compared to examination grades?  

§  Which conditions of the school context are specifically supportive for beginning teachers in order to develop their capacities?